Since 1989 F1 Business Group is one of the largest and steadily developing holdings in Siberia. At the moment the structure of F1 Business Group includes the Management Company (Mayak, JSC), wholesale and retail commercial enterprises, production and innovation enterprises, affiliated societies and chain store.

The main strategic business units of F1 Business Group

Management Company, Novosibirsk

Management Company "Mayak", JSC

 Computers and network, F1 Business Group

"Company "Cardinal", JSC
Computers and network

информационно-технический центр F1, Новосибирск
Office Paper and Stationery Department 
Industrial Paper Department
центр F1, Новосибирск - правовые системы консультант плюс
Legal information systems ConsultantPlus

Stationery chain store Partner”

Stationery chain store "Partner"

Available housing management

Available housing management

Loyalty system Program Bonus

Loyalty system "Program Bonus"

Center CIS (Consulting and Information Systems)IT consulting

Center CIS (Consulting and Information Systems)
IT consulting

Eltem Ltd, Research-and-Production EnterpriseMedical equipment

Eltem Ltd, Research-and-Production Enterprise
Medical equipment

DOC Novosibirskij Administrative and warehouse complex

"DOC Novosibirskij"
Administrative and warehouse complex

Medical centre Gubernia Medical service

Medical centre "Gubernia"
Medical service

Firm SEM (Systems of Electronics in Medicine), Ltd

"Firm SEM (Systems of Electronics in Medicine)", Ltd

Novosibirsk medical corporation, JSCLegal service in medicine

"Novosibirsk medical corporation", JSC
Legal service in medicine

SinprojectNIIaviaprom Projection and follow-on

Projection and follow-on

MediciNSK, Ltd, information serviceTelephone health care consulting

"MediciNSK", Ltd, information service
Telephone health care consulting

Telecom, LtdTelecommunication services

"Telecom", LtdT
elecommunication services

Restaurant chain "Vostochny dvor"

Restaurant "Rimskie kanikuly" ("Roman holiday")
Italian cuisine


Restaurant "Shelkovy Put" ("Silk Way")
Arabian, Uzbek, Chinese and European cuisine

Banquet-hall Paradise European cuisine

Banquet-hall "Paradise"
European cuisine


Restaurant "Aladdin"
Arabian, Uzbek and European cuisine

Billiard club-bar Aviator Russian and European cuisine

Billiard club-bar "Aviator"
Russian and European cuisine

Billiard club Bochka Russian and European cuisine

Billiard club "Bochka"
Russian and European cuisine

Restaurant Beloe Solntse  (White Sun)Uzbek and European cuisine

Restaurant "Beloe Solntse" ("White Sun")
Uzbek and European cuisine

Sport-bar 4th period European and Japanese cuisine

Sport-bar "4th period"
European and Japanese cuisine

During 19 years F1 Business Group is constantly mastering new projects, and in the future we are going to share the new perspective venture projects for further development of Russian research-and-production potential, which promotes the application of new technologies and the development of the commodity distribution network.
Intellectual and financial resources of F1 Business Group is a guarantee of realization of these objectives.

Today the holding’s infrastructure includes:

Every month thousands of enterprises and dozens of thousands of people are using the services of F1 Business Group’s enterprises.